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True Facts about Martingale System

There are a lot of different systems of bets in the casino and the majority of players try to follow at least one of them on some stage of their career. It is worth noting, for the sake of justice, that even the most widespread systems remain in reality no more than inflated fiction that does not help in the achievement of successful result and deprive you of considerable part of the bank under certain circumstances.
Let us regard the most famous systems and the most widespread of them – Martingale system. There are a lot of types of them, but the main principle is to double the bet after every win. This system is more than 250 years old, during which it was harshly criticized. Nevertheless, it is highly demanded among the players, beginners, in particular.

Simple Martingale
It is used mainly when playing roulette at equal odds. The player makes the bet and doubles it until he wins.
Then he bets minimal sum and goes on playing this way. We warn you in advance that you should have much money for Martingale system. Beginning from one dollar, one can bet 512 dollars on the tenth move. The needed color occurs more often, but there is a limit of bets in every casino therefore you will not be allowed to bet on the same space even the sum from one to five hundred dollars. You understand what it is fraught with. You reach the maximum earlier than the needed color occurs, after which the system loses its meaning. Further bets on this space will not return bets made earlier.

Prolonged Martingale
When this type of system is used the bets are made on clean number that is paid 35:1 during win. The bet does not double with every failure and increases gradually as the certain stage is reached. When you win, it all starts anew. The number of spins at every new bet increases. One dollar bet is made thirty five times in a row. Two dollar bet is made seventeen times in a row. Three dollar bet is made eleven times in a row and so on. The earlier the needed number occurs the bigger the win.
Many players assert that the system works but sooner or later the failure takes place that makes the person lose all money. Besides, one should not forget that croupier soon understands what you are going to do therefore he can throw the ball to the opposite sector.

American Martingale
This system is popular among the players who like to make column roulette bets. There is no need to study it additionally because the bet is doubled after every failure. It provides the same failures for her as in the basic system.
Upon the whole Martingale followers do not understand the main principle of how numbers occur on roulette. New winning number is not connected with the previous one. This process can’t be compared with chance to get the ace when cards are handed in blackjack that increase when other cards get from shoes. The same number can theoretically occur limitless number of times. We do not regard odds and even or color. The author of these lines was the witness when red occurred thirty times in a row with several cases of zero. This only deteriorated the situation of the players relying on the chance. As you understand Martingale system is useless in this case because there is no such variety of bets in the casino.
It is up to you if you this system or not, but we are not going to recommend it for you. Moreover, it is worth noting that following these systems is not forbidden but even encouraged. This is the best proof of the fact that the system is worthless and even harm for the player.
Check this information by your own experience playing in the famous and honest online casinos.

Date: 2011-10-24


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