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General description
Baccarat is a gambling game from France, though this fact is argued by many. Special marked table is used in this game together with 8 52-card decks that are dealt with the special device called Sabo. Up to 14 players and 3 dealers can take part in the game in the American variant of the game that is spread most of all. The American variant of the game will be regarded in this article.
This is a simple and quick game that requires only a bet from the player. There is no need to make any additional decisions from the participants until the results are proclaimed because everything happens automatically and in accordance with the set rules.

The goal of the game
The goal of the game is to guess who will win: a banker or a player. One must make a bet on the victory of some of them or a tie.
Combinations and Cards Value
The highest combination in baccarat is natural and consists of 2 cards, the value of which is worth 9 points. The same name is given to the combination of 2 cards, the sum of which is worth 8.
The value from 2 to 9 is equal their nomination, ace is equal to one, while the rest ones do not bring scores. If the player has more than 9 points, 10 is subtracted from the sum. In other words, the size of the score will always be from one to ten and it will never be more than that.

There are three kinds of bets in baccarat with a special field for each of them:
• On the player (punto) – this is bet on the victory of the player. It is paid 1:1
• On the banker (banko) – this is a bet on the dealer’s victory. It is paid 19.20. (in other words, 1:1 with 5% commission).
• Tie – is a bet on the equal amount of scores. It is paid 8:1 (in some casinos 9:1).

How to Play

One should make a bet before dealing within limits set for particular table. The dealer gives out 2 cards to the player and to himself. If the player gets natural combination (8 or 9 points on two cards), then it is equal to the cards of dealer. The winner is determined so. The third card is given when there are less than 6 points.
When the dealer buys cards strictly following the rules that are determined mainly by the acquired card of the player.
• If the player does not take the third card, the dealer does not take it in case his score is 6 or more than that.
• If the player’s score is 2 or less, he takes the card.
• If the players has 3 points in case the player does not get eight.
• If the player has four points, he takes the card in case he didn’t take the card with zero value, with nomination of one, eight or nine points.
• If the score is five, he takes the card in case the player did not get the card equal to four, five, six, or seven points.
• If the player has five points, he takes the card in case the player did not get the card equal to six or seven points.
• When the dealer has seven points, he doesn’t buy in the card.
After it the hands of the dealer and the player are compared. The winner is the one whose hand has more scores. When the sum is equal the draw is proclaimed. Then the payouts are made, the dealer collects cards and the game continues.

Varieties of the game
The rules described above refer to the American variety of the game but there are also other variants of the game that will be described in other articles of the website. They all have the same goal – to get nine points or the point close to nine. Все они объединены целью игры, которая заключается в получении девяти очков или близкой к девяти сумме. All the rest discrepancies refer to diverse points, such as:
• The number of decks involved (from one to eight),
• The number of players,
• The rules of dealing,
• The rules of buying in cards (the dealer can buy in the third card in some variants of the game depending upon its type),
• Payouts (their size can also vary depending upon the variant of baccarat),
• The dealer’s role can be constant as in the casino or different players can take this role in turn) ,
• The bank and bets (the bets are set in the casino that are paid by the casino. When the game is arranged by the players then the bank is formed from its bets and the winner takes it).
• Equipment (marking on the special tables can be different in different types of game).
These are not all the differences, but the rest ones are not so significant to describe them in detail.

Odds and strategies
There is a house edge in baccarat and in other casino games. That means that if you play long you will win and lose in turn, but you will not be able to become a winner in the long run. Besides, everything depends upon the chance here. As everything is left to chance you are not able to influence the game. All decisions are made automatically. The methods of counting cards that resemble the similar methods for blackjack and tried by some players in baccarat is not effective and this was proved by Edward Torp. On the basis of mathematic calculations you can conclude the following:
• The bet on the player is more profitable than the bet on the banker therefore it is recommended to make it;
• The bet on draw is absolutely unprofitable, therefore it should be avoided in all situation, even when the payouts ratio is 9:1;
• The fewer number of decks takes part in the game, the more profitable it is for players (though this indicator is not considerable).
Therefore, when you bet in casino you should always bet on the player. This way you have better chances to win.

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Date: 2011-09-24


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