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Let it Ride

General Description
Let it Ride is the game, which is based on 5-card stud poker. When the game is played the standard 52-card deck is used at the specially marked tables with layout for Let it Ride poker. This variety of poker is characterized by extraordinary betting system and the fact that you do not play against other players in it. What is required for your victory? You will need the combination of skill and luck to win here.
The Goal of the Game
The goal of the game is to get the winning hand – the pair of tens or some other.
Winning Hands in Let it Ride are formed of three player cards and two community cards face down received from the dealer.
The winning hands are standard with a pair of tens and higher. The winning hands are paid in accordance with the payout table:
Hand Payout
Royal flush 1,000: 1
Straight flush 200: 1
Four of a kind 50: 1
Full house 11: 1
Flush 8: 1
Straight 5: 1
Three of a kind 3: 1
Two pair 2: 1
Pair of 10's or better 1:1
As you see the payout table resembles the one in some versions of video poker.
How to Play
All players must make three equal bets putting them on special marking circles on the table. Then the dealer gives three cards to each player and to himself. The dealers cards are face up. As the player assesses the power of his cards, the player should decide if he should pull a bet or “Let it Ride” (leave the wager).
Then the dealer exposes the next community card. The player has to make the solution again whether he pulls the bet or leaves the wager.
Then the dealer reveals the last card and checks the players’ cards, which are revealed and the hands are verified for win. You lose all your bets if you do not have winning hand. In case you have a winning hand, you are paid according to the paytable.
You can make additional bets in many casinos, which are paid in case the player has winning hand that is included into the payout table. Let us look at the payout table of Cryptologic software, for instance, in which the bonus bet is $1.
• Royal Flush - $30,000
• Straight Flush - $3,000
• Full of a Kind - $400
• Full House - $200
• Flush - $50
• Straight - $25
• Three of a Kind -$5
There can be different bonus payments in other casinos.
Basic Strategies
The main strategies can increase your chance to win so. If you play in a correct way, you can lower the casino edge to 3,5%.
Let it Ride if you have
• Any suited hand of three cards: a pair of tens or better
• Any suited three to a royal flush
• Any suited three cards in a row to a straight flush
• Any two in a row and one to a straight flush if at least one card is ten or better
• Any three to a straight flush if at least two cards ten or better
Let it Ride in the second bet if you have:
• Any winning hand
• Any four cards to a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or Flush
• Four cards in a row to a Straight
• Four to an Inside Straight in case these cards are higher than ten.
As it was mentioned above, you can bet on bonus, but you should not use this opportunity, because the casino edge in this aspect varies from 15 to 30 %.

Date: 2011-07-26


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