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System 1-3-2-6

This is one more positive progression system with the name that speaks for itself. It is based on supposition that you will be able to win four times in a row. Such things are not that rare, do you agree? Let us regard how to make bets using this strategy.
Your first bet is equal to one, the second one is equal to three, the third one is equal to two and the forth one to six. Let us imagine that you play equal odds roulette and begin from the initial bet 5 dollars. When you win you add 5 dollars to your win of 10 dollars, which is on the table. As you win next time and you get 35 dollars, you withdraw 20 dollars. If you are lucky again then you add 10 dollars to 20 dollars, so in this way you get 6 initial bets, i.e. 30 dollars. After this you return to your initial bet of 5 dollars no matter whether you win or lose. You also use this system if you lose on any stage.
If you lose the very first bet, then you lose 5 dollars. The loss on the second stage will be 10 dollars, because you added one more bet to the initial bet. If you lose on the third stage then you begin anew with the profit of 10 dollars because you withdrew 20 dollars on the stage of the previous win, the half of which was won. The failure on the last stage may mean that you returned your money, while the victory will bring you 60 dollars.
As you see you risk only two bets and can win 6 bets. The main thing at that is not to lose during first 2 rounds when cards are handed because later you play on money that was won from the online casino. In other words, you can lose 6 times on the second phase, which is the worst for you, then pass through the whole series again and it will mean that you lost nothing.
The advantages of this system is the fact that its use does not require big difference between maximal and minimal bets on the table (in comparison with Martingale system, for instance).
If to look at this from the practical viewpoint, this system often gives opportunity to play long without odds to the favor of some side. If you do not have to leave the game and look for bigger win, then the positive result can be positively stable. But this does not mean at all that loss is impossible if you use this strategy. Game is a matter of chance after all.

Tags: Roulette
Date: 2011-10-24


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