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This sweet word “Jackpot”

Jackpot! This word makes any player excited and their hearts start beating faster. Jackpot changes the strategy of the game in some slot games and several types of video poker. In general meaning jackpot can be determined as the main prize or general sum of all bets in some game. The prototypes of modern jackpots appeared immediately after gambling appeared therefore it is impossible to follow the history without regarding the history of gambling upon the whole. It is considered that gambling was born in ancient China though many researchers do not agree with this opinion. They became widespread in Europe from 14th to 19th century when they acquired the modern look. In the course of all this time the jackpots had been changing too. Though in every particular game jackpot was counted in accordance with its rules, it always remained the biggest payout.
Taking into consideration that there are a lot of varieties of jackpot, you can have detailed understanding of them only studying particular games, in which they are offered. They can be offered in slot machines, lotteries, card games and etc. Jackpot can exist even in the roulette.

Jackpot in different games
Let us regard jackpot on the examples of different games and will begin with bingo. This game appeared in the 16th century in Italy and presented a lottery that has turned into game that we have now with time. The win in bingo is, actually, a jackpot, but it is formed with players’ bets (though there is a chance to find the game with a fixed payout). Usually several winning combinations are offered in bingo.
Jackpot plays the important role in all kinds of lotteries, the history of which data back to ancient Egypt. Modern lotteries can differ from each other, but they all imply that jackpot is present in the game that one can win if certain amount of winning numbers or symbols in the card of the participant is present. The amount of jackpot can vary in lotteries from several dollars to hundreds of millions.
In this way the jackpot can be present in several types of poker. As a rule it is formed by way of deductions from special bonus bets. At this it is possible to win it only in case if certain bet was made and the player will get the maximal combination. One should not make additional bets in video-poker, but the whole sum can be received only when maximal bet is played.
The slot machines provide bog variety of jackpots to its visitors. One can say that they determine the development in the transformation of jack-pots.

Types of jackpots
Jackpots present just additional opportunity to check the favor of fortune in some games, while in others this is the basic element that determines the decisions made by the experienced player in different situations. Therefore research of the payment principles only helps the player to understand the game better and increases his chances to succeed.
The most widespread now is progressive jackpot. Its essential feature is in the fact that size of such jackpot grows with the number of games played. This process can be broken only when somebody wins it. After this the progressive jackpot is accumulated again, starting with point determined by casino.
The biggest jackpots are jackpots in the online slots that are connected into big network. Such network can include tens of thousands machines and every spin in all of them increases the amount of jackpot.
There is internal network with one jackpot in many online and offline casinos.
Jackpots that do not have progressive accumulation of money are organized in different way. In such games the payout is made for particular combinations determined by rules. The number of players do not influence its amount. Such jackpots can’t be compared in popularity with progressive variants, but they are rather demanded too.
Progressive jackpots are offered to the participants of multiple lotteries, slots fans, some kinds of poker and other games. Jackpots are often definite sums in the traditional slot machines, bingo and other games. Choosing new game, pay attention to the type of jackpot it has because you should take this factor into consideration when you build your own strategy. You should learn the tips of professionals and follow them. Chances to win jackpot are not big however there are people who get them every day. Why don’t you want to become one of those lucky winners?

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Date : 2011-12-02


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