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Payout percent in the online slots

When we speak about the slots payment percent in the online casino the general amount of bets is regarded that is returned to the players as a win. Usually the players are advised to choose the exciting games and bets that imply the biggest percent of payment. In other words these are the games with minimal edge of the casino. However, it is not always possible to follow this example because common player is not able to count the percent in all games, especially when he plays the slots in the online casino.
There are two ways of counting the percents, but they do not suit slots that are offered in the online casinos. The first method is based on mathematic calculations. It is easier to follow this principle on the example of equal odds game in European roulette. There are 37 numbers on the table. 18 of them are black consequently the odds are 18 out of 37. This is simple and clear.
But you will not be able to apply this method to slot machines online because we do not have all necessary information for calculations. We must know the amount of symbols for any kind that can appear in the reels. But even if you get all this data the calculations will be too complicated for common user without special because many other nuances appear that should be regarded such as the number of paylines and winning combinations, bonuses and etc.
For such complicated cases computer programs simulators were developed that let count payment percent in the separate games. They are often used for calculations in the video poker varieties and black jack. Tens and even hundreds of tasks are simulated in the process of their work and programs register and process received data. In spite of evident advantages of this method, it is hard to apply it to online slots because of its big variety that constantly increases even more. There are several types of blackjack and tens kinds of video poker but this is not the case with slots that appear every month. Consequently of some researcher sets the goal to calculate the percent of payout from each of them, he will not be able to fulfill the job physically.moreover, the job will not be worth the efforts spent because the developers of software for online casino as a rule assert that the percent varies from 94% to 97%. The manufacturers with good brand value their reputation therefore they are trustworthy. The difference in percents is not considerable speaking about slots therefore it is worth paying attention to other essential characteristics.
You can make your own research of percent of online slots with assistance of auto play for free. This opportunity is provided in the majority of online casinos. You just need to set the size of the bet and launch automatic play at maximal amount of spins. Knowing the amount of money at you disposal, number of spins and bet you can calculate the percent. However, you should not be so sure in the accuracy of the outcome because it is not enough to make several thousand spins for such calculations. Therefore this practice is useful to study the machine better and not for the choice of the best as far as payouts are concerned.

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Date : 2011-12-02


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