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Why exotic kinds of blackjack are not profitable

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world. Almost all offline casinos play this game. Love for this game brought to the situation when so many variants of the game appeared. This is especially noticed in the online casinos that offer the variants of blackjack with unusual and bold changes in rules that can seem alluring for visitors. As a result some of them refused from classic blackjack in favor of new games. But in reality it brings to the situation when losses occur more often than wins. We do not want you to make mistakes therefore we will regard two varieties of blackjack that are rather wide-spread in the online casino and discuss why it is not worth playing them much.

Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Switch is rather popular version of the game, in which 2 hands are dealt and the player gets a unique opportunity to exchange the top 2 cards between hands. For instance, the player received 6 in one hand and then 10. 16 points that he receives present dilemma for him. It is risky to continue taking cards, because dealer is going to win in any case. But it’s a risk to take an additional card because you can get more than 21.
In the other hand the player has 9 and 3 and 12 points that he gets is also impossible to refer to good hands. Therefore the switch decision is evident because the score will be 9 and 19 after it in the hands. There is no hesitation about the further actions of the player: one should take the card to the first hand and in the second one – leave the way it is.
That means that blackjack has an advantage for the player. It is hard not to notice it and one can’t deny that. But this additional opportunity can cost you twice as much.
• First of all, the dealer does not lose when he gets 22. In this case the draw is announced (the exclusion is the case, when there is blackjack in hands). Only this point increases the edge of the casino by 10%.
• Blackjack is paid not 3:2, but 1:1, that also adds edge to the casino.
Certainly, the opportunity to exchange cards between the boxes makes these unprofitable for the players rules even, however odds of the casino in blackjack are considerably higher than in classic variants. Within long timeframe the lover of blackjack switch doesn’t have a chance to win. Is it worth to yield to temptation to change cards between the boxes at your discretion if this does not give any odds, but only deteriorates the position of the player? Of course not.

Double Exposure
The name of this blackjack variety speaks for itself. Both dealers’ cards are exposed. This makes the task easier for the player. You have probably guessed that this loosening of rules must be leveled by something for the casino. In this case it happens in this way.
• Blackjack is paid 1:1.
• Dealer always wins at the even amount of points with the exception of cases when the player has blackjack.
In spite of the fact that different strategies for different types of blackjack were developed telling us what to do in different situations, it is not possible to decrease the odds as in classical game. In any case if you want to make the game of blackjack more diverse, do it first in the fun mode that is provided in many casinos. You may not at least make big bets. If you make serious bets, you should play the games that you know well.

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Date : 2011-12-28


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