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Parlay Strategy

This is one of the most famous positive progression systems that oppose Martingale system therefore it is frequently called ant-Martingale. It is very popular among the roulette players and regular visitors of horseracing. Superstitious players use it often. They consider that they have to catch luck and not let it go. Now you will understand why.
The essence of this system is that you can leave the bet and the sum that was won. For instance, we bet on red 5 dollars. If red occurs then we make the bet of 10 dollars. In case we win, the bet is going to be 20 dollars and so on until the required sum is reached. Of course that does not mean at all that you will leave the bet on the same playing ground. This is just the approach how finances can be managed in the game. At this we risk only initial bet – 5 dollars. It is important not to be greedy and not ruin the casino with the range of bets. Therefore consider thoroughly what sum you are going to apply to and return to as the initial sum.
The advantage of the system is its variety. In other words, you decide yourself how tough you should play and on what stage the win is enough to make the minimal bet again. Therefore find the optimal solution by experience.
Using Parlay system, you can determine the sum that can be lost, but you have chance to increase it considerably. This is one of the oldest strategies that root from the banking system of getting profit. It certainly has its disadvantages and can’t guarantee victory. Nevertheless, it is highly demanded because it does not make players bet big sums. Its followers also like the idea that they lose on arithmetic progression and win on geometric progression. Besides, using Parlay strategy you do not only win, but get pleasure from the process.
Parlay strategy can be tested in the online casino and you can earn money easily playing this game!

Date: 2011-10-24


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