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The game is played on a special table for blackjack with standard decks of 52 cards without jokers. Their number will vary from one to eight. If you use one deck, the dealer gives out cards manually and shuffles cards after each deal. When you use several decks, then special device3 is used for dealing, which is called Shoe. It is placed to the left of the dealer. Sometimes shuffle machines play the role of the “shoe” automatically.

The goal of the game

The goal of the game is to gather 21 or the figure close to it, but the total should not be higher than that. When the player gets more than 21, he loses at once. In other cases the value of his cards is compared with the value of dealer’s cards and the winner is determined. When 10 and ace are received this hand is called blackjack. This is the only hand with a name and it is impossible to beat it with other cards.

Cards’ value
Cards from “2” to “10” count as much as their natural value, while jack, queen and king are valued as one or eleven. This choice is made in favor of the player.
For instance, when you have ace and four in the box, it is announced, that you have 15. if you get 6, then you will get 21 (this situation in some casinos brings you to the next box automatically, while in others 11 or 21 are announced and the players makes a decision whether to hit (take a card) or not. However, if he gets 7 then it will be considered that his total is 12 and not 22.

The number of players
The number of players is limited with number of boxes on the playing table. There are seven of them in the traditional variant. However, this does not mean that the players are able to bet jointly. The main thing is to make so that the total should not exceed the maximum amount allowed for this table.

The number of bets
It is not allowed to play on one box in many casinos, therefore the player should do no more than two bets. The maximal number of bets from one player is usually limited by the casino, however it is not limited as a rule with the number of boxes on the table. .

How to play
The dealer shuffles all decks thoroughly, separating the part of the cards with the help of special plastic card and puts all of them into the “shoe”. The dealer gets out the cards from it in the course of the game. The cut card serves as mark when the cards should be reshuffled. Having prepared cards for the game, the dealer offers to make the bets to the players. In the basic variant of the game the dealer and the players get two cards. One of the cards from the dealer’s hand is face up. In one of the widespread variant of rules the dealer gives just one card for himself and takes the rest after all players. .
If blackjack is formed in some box and open dealer’s card exclude the opportunity of getting the same hand (that is to say, card from 2 to 9), he pays blackjack at once and collects the card. In case the dealer has ace or some other card with value “10” then the blackjack is not paid until the hands are compared. When ace is up then casino offers even money so to say in accordance with the rules of some casinos. That means that blackjack is paid 1:1 and cards are collected.
The player makes the decision on the basis of the cards he has if he should take the card (hit) or not. The player can take any number of cards on condition that the total does not exceed 21. The cards are given out strictly in turn. The first box is situated to the left of the dealer. After the final decision is made the dealer opens the second card and takes cards in case of necessity. The strict order is followed. The dealer takes the cards according to the rules: he has to take one more card if he has 16 or less points and stop when he has 17 or more points. The player does not have a right to touch the cards and all procedures with cards are performed by the dealer. The winning boxes are paid 1:1, blackjack is paid 3:2 (blackjack of the same suit is paid 2:1).

Additional rules
The player is allowed not only to take only the cards, but use the additional opportunities.
Split – having two cards of the same suit on the box (of the same value in some casinos, that is to say the queen and the king), the player can divide them into 2 boxes having made a bet of the same size. After it the additional cards are taken to each box, if the card with the same value comes to the box, split can be made once again. The number of possible splits from one box can vary, but usually it is not more than three. When aces are split one card is given as a rule and then the game comes to the next box. In case one more ace is received, one more split can be made. Ace or any other card with value “10” that was received as a result of split cannot be considered blackjack and regarded as twenty one (that means that will lose when croupier has a blackjack.
• Double – When two first cards are received the player is entitled to make double. He has to double his initial bet for that. After it he is allowed one more card for this box, and the dealer goes to another player and opens his cards.
• Triple – this rule is active not in all casinos and lets the player make one more double on the box which is equal to the initial one and get additional card.
• Surrender – having received first two cards, the player is entitled to refuse from continuation of the game on this box, having given away the half of the initial bet. It is worth mentioning that this rule does not work almost in all casinos if the dealer has ace up. Moreover, it is often abolished if the dealer has the card with value 10.
• Insurance – if the dealer has ace up and he offers the players to insure against blackjack. The size of insurance is equal to the initial bet and it is paid 2:1 if the dealer has blackjack.
Versions of the game
There are different versions of the game in the classic blackjack. The main difference is in the number of cards the dealer gives to himself in the beginning of the round. Besides, there are variants of the rules, according to which croupier opens two cards. In general, the majority of casinos leave the right to introduce corrections to such rules as surrender, double, split, blackjack payment and some others.
Sometimes the bonus rules refer to the additional higher payment of three sevens on one box or some other combinations. On the other hand, rules unfavorable for the player can be entered. For instance, the limited maximal number of cards, given to one box. Unusual rules in blackjack will be described in a special article.
Try to assess if you understand everything in a right way and try playing this game in the online casino Tropez casino right now.

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