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How to play online roulette tournaments

Regarding the European variant of roulette from the point of view of casino edge (we recommend not to play the American variant) it is worth pointing that in spite of big variety of bets, they all provide equal chances to win. If bets the promise big payouts are not beneficial as a rule, this is not characteristic for roulette. It lets you participate in the online roulette tournaments with bigger consideration, changing the strategy in the course of the game, depending upon the situation. On the one hand you can make such bets as red/black and get the payout in case of win 1:1. On the other hand there is a chance to win 35:1 if you make a clean number a bet (straight up bet). The notions of cautious and aggressive play are blended on roulette tournaments because every participant can make different bets. We offer the strategy for you, which at least will give you chance to stay in tournament to the end.
Its meaning is that the biggest part of bankroll is spent on bets that give small payouts. If you lucky then even the lowest bet on a single number or split will bring good profit for you. Let us regard all on a definite example to give a clear understanding of the subject. Let is suppose that you received 1000 credits in the beginning. How to play roulette tournaments in this case? The first thing you should do is to count a number of spins that will let you play. Basing on it distribute this sum equally. Let us suppose that you will play 25 spins. Consequently, you must bet 40 credits. 30-35 of the bets must be made on red black, odds even and the rest on splits (bets on two numbers) that are paid 17:1.
If the situation is favorable you can stick to this tactics to the end of the tournament. When you do not have result or lose steadily, then choose more aggressive strategy. It can be done by increasing the number of bets on splits or change splits to straight up bets.
Do not forget about the rivals too. If you have a chance to follow their results, then you should regard them. You can stake everything at the end if you feel that you will not win without it. If you have achieved the position of a winner then it is worth sticking to the same strategy and stall for time. This will be the best thing if other players fall behind the times. Besides, this strategy is just a convention. Some players achieve success in the tournaments making many bets on the table. When the player guess at least one number and the payout will make him a leader. On the other hand, if he is not lucky, he can leave the tournament in several minutes after its beginning. As it was said the roulette bets differ from each other with mathematic house edge therefore there are a lot of variants of strategy that are used in the tournaments of this type.
You can join the tournament right now if you wish to.

Date : 2011-11-16


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