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Crisscross bets in roulette

As it is known the bets in the roulette are not limited with play on red, black, and clean numbers of the main field though they are widespread and known most of all. In reality, there are a lot of varios bets in roulette, that some of them do not even exist in some online casinos. Some bets are mutually exclusive (for instance, odds and even), while others can be made simultaneously during the same spin.
There is a notion of crisscross bets. It implies cases when two bets cover the same numbers. We will try to figure out if it is profitable to play this way, regarding the European roulette, the most widespread variant of the game. It is worth noting that bets types do not influence the casino edge mathematically and you will not be able to decrease it. You can only deteriorate it if you bet on black and red, odds and even at the same time. It sounds absurd but some players like to act this way. Usually it happens after you get zero and both bets lose then. All experiments are finished at this. You will not be able to decrease the edge of the casino that is 2.7% in European roulette if you make particular bets.
So what happens when we make crisscross bets? Let us look at the definite example. For instance we bet 100 dollars on red and even. There are 18 red numbers on the table and 18 black numbers. We will divide all numbers on roulette into groups in accordance with bets made. Red and odds are referred to the first group. There are ten of them. The second group includes red even numbers. There are eight of them. Even black numbers are in the third group and there are eight of them too. The fourth group includes black even numbers. There are ten of them. Zero is located separately.
We wish to get number from the first group to win two bets that will give 200 dollars to us. If we get number from the second or third group, then we break even. Number from the fourth group or zero denotes that we break even. Number from the fourth group means that we lost 200 dollars. This way we win 200 dollars when we have 10 numbers and lose the same amount of money when we get 11 numbers including zero. 16 numbers let us break even. As you see this method will not bring anything to the player because the chances to lose are much higher. It can be expanded and several crisscross bets can be added. We will lose seldom but we will win seldom too. The main thing is the fact that casino edge is the same. Consequently if you do not like to spend hours at the casino looking at roulette with small amount of money, you can easily choose crisscross bets. This is the question of personal preferences of the players but not the method to increase chances to win.
There is also opportunity to make crisscross bets playing on the main field, sectors and neighbors. It is also impossible to decrease the house edge here, however some dishonest players try to confuse the croupier in this way of they notice that he is not experienced. At times it lets them bet more than maximal bet allows or to take more than it is allowed. But this is a different story that will be discussed in other article. Crisscross bets are forbidden often at tournaments in the casino. This practice lets drag out the game and break even long when the rivals suffer losses. Therefore the organizers discuss this method in the rules and can even disqualify the participants who resort to it. Remember that roulette is referred to the casino games in which you can win long without breaking rules. Therefore this game is chosen by people who earn with gambling. They prefer blackjack, poker and other games. Roulette is able topresent a lot of strong emotions, but it will never be used long just for earning. If you are not able to leave the casino in time without playing roulette, use at full what roulette can give – a great pleasure! Relax for it and play the way you like not stuffing your head with useless strategies.

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Date : 2011-12-02


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