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The strategies of Relaxed Roulette

Relaxed Roulette means that you play the game without tension. In reality, this is one of the numerous systems with progressive rates, the essential feature of which is a limitation of possible win. That means that when you come to the casino you win the definite sum in advance and leave.

The principle of dozens choice

The main thing in this system is to bet on two dozens at once, the choice of which is made in accordance with the following scheme. When the same dozens occur two times in a row, then there is no need to bet. Wait until different dozens occur to bet on them. if the winning number was zero then do not bet. When the same dozens occur three times in a row, bet on two other in this case.
In case of win make the bet on two different dozens. You should not skip the bets in this case. If the bet did not play continue make the bet on the same dozens. When you failed again, bet once more (the last time) on it.

The principle of progression
The principle of bets progression reminds some other strategies. The initial bet is one, write it down or remember. As you lose add ones from both sides. The next bet should be equal to the sum of edge figures. The calculation is not hard and you have to bet two then on each dozen. If you failed again, then add 2 on the left and on the right. Then you should bet the sum equal to 4.
If you win, then you should cross out the figures and bet the sum of figures that remained in the beginning and the end of the row. The dozens should be chosen according to the rules mentioned above. You start new digital row after 1 is crossed out, that was written in the beginning.
It is considered that you are not lucky at all if you lose all money you have. in this case continue unfinished row next time.

The followers of this strategy assert that it is better to start the game having 50 points at reserve and stop it when you win 5 points. Following this tactics, you can double your initial capital. It will let you increase the size of the bet and get bigger win. Some players stop at win of 2-3 points.
This is natural that this system does not guarantee against failures, when luck seems to be against you. Besides, it is convenient for online casino, especially when you do not have enough time for the game.


Date: 2011-10-17


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