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Video poker: common rules

General Description
Video poker is a variety of machine that was created on the basis of poker, which has a big number of varieties. One of the most popular and highly demanded games therefore you can find it in almost all real and online casinos. Online versions of video poker do not differ from the similar games from the gaming halls. We are going to cover the basic rules, which are universal for all kinds of video poker.
The Goal of the Game
The goal of the game is to get the paid hand. The player does not have opponents and there is no need to rank the hands against other hands as it happens in many varieties of poker. It is enough just to get the hand, which is paid according to the payment table and the win is guaranteed for you.
The hands in video poker are the same as in standard poker^ Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight. Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush. It is worth noting that not all hands are regarded and paid in different varieties of poker.
Wild card is widespread in different kinds of video poker. It can be some definite card or one of the standard ones. Maximal hands, which are formed with assistance of one or several wild cards, as a rule, are paid with smaller amounts than the ones without them.
Payout Tables
You can define the list of all paid combinations on the type of the poker you have chosen, which is present in any machine. The hands in the table are usually given from the bigger to the lower. It is also worth paying attention to the size of payments on every bet because the ratio can be not proportionate therefore it can be more profitable to choose certain bets (usually the maximal ones).
How to Play
You should choose the bet in the beginning of the game and press Deal then. You will get five cards. After assessment of the situation, you can leave the required cards, pressing Hold, and change the rest free. If you get the paid hand after that, you can obtain your win that is predetermined by payout schedule.
However, the bonus game is offered in the best part of video poker types. Five cards are offered to the player with one of them face up. The task of the player is to choose one of the cards face down. If it higher than the one which was face up, then the win doubles. In the opposite case, the player loses. As you enter this regime you can leave it only after you choose one of the cards.
There are rules in some casinos, according to which you can double your bet several times and you even can get special bonus for doing it 10 times in a row.
Varieties and Options
There are types of video poker with several lines. As far as useful options are concerned, it is worth mentioning Auto Hold option. If you activate this option the machine can assess the situation on its own and leave cards which are profitable from the viewpoint of optimal strategy.

Date: 2011-07-26


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