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Biarritz roulette betting strategy

One of the most primitive systems that received its name after the French small beach city Biarritz. This variant is good the most patient and phlegmatic players. The essence of it is that you should always make the bet of the same size. You should bet on the same “clean” number at that on the roulette playing ground, until it occurs. If it happened after 36 spins then you stop it.
It is clear that the sooner you get the desired number, the bigger your win is. If it happens 36th times then you just return your money.
It is recommended to follow 111 trials to increase your chances therefore you have three series of 37 trials. As a result of your observation note the figures that occurred less than three times to bet on some of them.
We will note at once that the professional dealer will start playing in the opposite sector as soon as he understands that make the same bet. Moreover, some number may not occur due to the defect of the wheel, therefore there is no need to bet on it.
As you see there is only one roulette system which has its shortcomings, but can organize betting. It will not let you win much, will not let you avoid failure, but will give you the real chance to win in appropriate situation.

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Date: 2011-10-17


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