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Surrender in Blackjack

Blackjack belongs to the oldest casino games, but it does not lose its popularity nowadays, when the market of gambling does not have such big variety. Arithmetic casino edge is the lowest here therefore blackjack is popular among the players.
Though the rules are quite simple, not many people are able to win regularly. One should be aware of basic game strategy. We are not going to discuss the basics, but we are going to discuss such thing as surrender in this article. This is a refuse to play further when you surrender half of your bet. It is worth mentioning that beginners seldom resort to it as they do not want to lose money they haven’t won yet. They do not think about the sum they lose, looking persistently for the success in the cases when they need to surrender.
Unfortunately, this rule does not work in all online casinos. Actually, only one third of them let the players surrender when the situation seems unfavorable for them. Many casinos explain this by discontent of their clients, who do not like the fact that other players so to say “break the process”. This is nonsense. The problem is that this rule is good for experienced player and considerably reduces the edge of the casino in the game.
The main principle of surrender is that you can refuse to continue game after you get two cards. Dealer will take your cards and half of the bet. The game goes on at that on other boxes. No other casino will let you surrender when the dealer has ace. It is also forbidden in many casinos to do it at the card’s value of 10 points.
You will find the variants of hands when you should surrender in blackjack when playing with 5-6 decks in case the dealer stops gathering cards at any 17 points. This is the most widespread variant of the game. Believe the professional experience and mathematic statistics which was calculated by the lovers of exact figures long ago. If you play only for the sake of adrenalin, want to give pleasure to the dealer who gets percent from the profit of the casino or absolutely indifferent to money, you may not follow these recommendations. But when you goal is to win or at least not to lose much money, then you should not make mistakes of many players.
Surrender is made in the following cases (we study any variants that can occur in the casino) on the hard cards of the player, that means that combination was made without ace.
So the dealer has an ace. Surrender when the score is 5 or 7, or from 12 to 17 (it is seldom allowed when the dealer has an ace).
Dealer has open card – 10 is the score: surrender if you have 14, 15, or 16.
Even if your score 16 is made of two cards with 8, split that is good in other cases must not be done here. The most probably 18 will not save you from possible 19, 20 and BJ of the dealer.
The dealer has open 9: you surrender at 16 only. You should not split if you have 2 eights.
If there is an ace in your hand, the majority of professional players do not surrender. As you see the number of situations when you have to resort to this rule is limited, but proper playing can provide considerable wins for you.

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Date: 2011-10-24


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