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D’Alembert System

It is worth mentioning that negative progression systems such as Martingale are based on the increase of bet after you lose. The insurance systems, on the contrary, bet on decrease of bet after you win. As you see these two approaches do not contradict each other, therefore the strategies appeared that unite them together. The example of such strategy is D’Alembert System known to the roulette players and other casino games for many years.
The main idea of this strategy is in the change of bet depending upon the result of previous round. If you win then the bet size should be decreased, if you lose then the bet should be increased. As a rule, this system is used by newbies for equal odds roulette. Usually the game begins with minimal bets, that are doubled in the process as you lose and decrease two times as you win. But the size of increase and decrease can vary depending upon the game.
It is considered that this approach lets to reduce losses to minimum and provide regular wins. Anyway you should be ready for regular losses. If the range of losses will be too long then you will reach the higher limit of rates even sooner, then when you follow Martingale system because you will not begin with minimum. This is a great system for smooth type of game when losses and wins alternate one after another. In this case you will win as predetermined. If the game consists of long repetitions, for instance, of the same color, then you can lose your bank quickly. At this consistency is important in D’Alembert system. If after some losses you are on the verge of nervous breakdown and return to your initial bet then the whole essence of it is lost. Therefore decide on your own of this is something that you need.
By the way, there is a system that directly opposes D’Alembert System – Contra D’Alembert. In this strategy the bets increase on one point when you win and decrease one point when you lose. In this way, the game is conducted before the established sum is achieved. Then bets return to initial size. This system is suitable for those who do not want to increase bets when they lose.
We are going to remind you once more that as some number occur when you play roulette this is not connected with the previous number. There is no any connection therefore the efficacy of such system is doubtful. Moreover they will never protect you from failure only if you use some gap in the rules of the casino. Anyway, if you play card games often, you should imagine different systems in order to plan the bets relying not on fortune only.

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Date: 2011-10-24


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