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General description
This is an exciting game that presents a special machine and has a lot of varieties, which function on the basis of one principle.

Goal of the game
The goal of the game is to obtain the combination of symbols, which provides a payout for you.

Mechanism of work
The first slots were mechanical and the modern ones are like computers with the random number generator. There is a window or a screen in each slot machine and reels (or the image of reels) with the symbols on it. There can be three or five reels. They symbols on the reels portray the theme the slot machine is devoted to. Beside the regular symbols that make the combinations either winning or not there are also bonus symbols, scattered symbols and wild symbols too. They work on the “joker” principle and are ready to substitute any other card.
Now there are buttons that manage the slot machine, one or several information panels telling about the account of the player. The payout table can be found right on the slot machine or can open after you press the certain button. There are also other control buttons on the slot machine and the table with information on the account of the player or you can open it by pressing the button.
There can be the following buttons:
• Spin, Play – a button that launches the the game or a spin.
• Bet Per Line, Coins – a button that is used to appoint a number of coins per payline. The choice of required bet is made by repeated pressing of the button, after which one or several coins are added. This can be seen in a special panel. (Bet).
• Max Bet – a button that is able to make the bet maximal. With assistance of this button you are able to make it with one click. With its assistance you can make a bet with maximal number of coins.
• Select Lines, Line Bet – with assistance of this button the number of active paylines is chosen. Pressing each time you can increase the number of paylines. If you reach the maximal number and then press again then it will start counting again from one line.
• Paytable, Help – this button opens the paytable and the rules of the game.
• Double, Gamble – the button is able to activate one more round after you get your win. It is not connected with the main game and here you just try your luck trying to increase your win.
• Denomination, “+”/”-“ – pressing this button the value of one coin is determined (its denomination) .
• Hold – pressing this button you can stop the reel at any time. The button is located near the reel that is attached to it.
These are the main buttons that you can come across to when playing on the slot machines, though it is not a full list of all these buttons.

How to play
When you start playing you have to transfer some funds to the slot machine. It can be done with assistance of real money, club card, transferring the credits by the person who works for the casino and so on.
The player has to choose the amount of bet and the number of lines that will be involved in the game (if it is a multiline slot). Then he presses the button Play and pulls down the lever, making reels spin. When they stop, you can see the ultimate combination. When it enters the range of paid combinations, then you will see your win in the Win window. The player can accept the win or to press the button Gamble, trying to increase it.

Wins, bonuses and jackpots

The winning combinations are shown in the payout tables and their variety makes it impossible to describe the each one. Therefore we will describe them in general.
• Payline payout – it is conducted in the case the definite amount of similar symbols is lined up along the line.
• Payout for scattered symbols – when 2 or more symbols of this type appear somewhere on the screen, the amount of win is multiple of total bet. It is multiplied by the definite rate.
• Bonus symbols – when they appear the bonus game starts, that presents free spins (sometimes with increased payouts) jokers, various prizes and so on.
• Accumulated bonus – when slot machines are supplied with this feature, the player receives bonus points. When definite sum is accumulated the bonus points are given to the player and credits are given to the account of the player.
• Jackpot – the payouts are the biggest here as far as the slot machines are concerned. Jackpots can be fixed and progressive. When it is fixed the win is accumulated with each bet the player makes in the slot. Fixed jackpots are paid out as a definite sum for definite combination of symbols. There is a special article on our website that tells about jackpots in detail.

Classic slot machines have three reels and one payline, though slot machines with five and even nine reels are spread nowadays with great number of paylines that can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Such slots can be classified on the type of jackpot and other criteria. Their variety in the modern casinos is great and it is able to please any client.

Strategy basics
There is no winning system in the slots. It does not exist because the definite percent of wins lies in the basis of each one. It is impossible to change it honestly. Therefore all advice on playing the slot games refer to the choice of slot machine with the biggest percent of payouts, attentive study of payout table, determining the right bet (the maximal bets can be the most profitable) and right managing the resources that you have.

Date: 2011-09-14


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